Individual Therapy in Portland, OR

Seeking help to deal with emotional and psychological struggles is a tough call to make, but an important one!

Give Therapy a Chance. Many people are quick to assume that therapy simply won't work for them. I encourage you to give treatment a try before you write off the notion. I want to offer you customized, attentive care designed to help you work through the issues and problems that plague you.

Whether you're dealing with a specific disorder or simply need a sounding board for the issues you've been struggling with, therapy may help get you back on track. And with flexible office hours and appointment scheduling, I aim to make the entire process stress-free so that you can focus on feeling better. 


Couples Counseling in Portland, OR

Relationships are hard work and we all need a little support now and then- no matter how strong our partnerships are. There are numerous external and internal stressors that enter into our intimate relationships and end up confusing and agitating our conflicts to great extents. We get stuck in loops of defensiveness and exhaustion. Let me help you take a compassionate look at what's lying underneath the content and find that warm connection again. You deserve to be happy, and I strive to help you by offering a safe environment to potentially address:

    Depression, anxiety, attachment, sex, family, stress, and trauma counseling

    Lessons in developing and practicing communication and interpersonal skills

    Counseling designed to help neutralize and deactivate triggers that threaten the love and intimacy that our relationships need and deserve


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