Children & Adolescent Therapy in Portland, OR

A child’s struggles with difficult feelings, negative behaviors, or unhealthy relationships can impact the rest of his or her life. But addressing these challenges during the child’s critical developmental years can set the stage for a happier, healthier future. I provide professional and clinical counseling skills as well as art therapy for children facing emotional or behavioral challenges.

Helping Children Thrive is my primary focus. Having said that, parents' involvement is also crucial. Every parent wants the very best for his or her child. But when children are faced with difficult or complex emotional issues, their lack of life experience and coping skills can make those issues extremely difficult to overcome. That’s where therapy can help. I work to develop good rapport and a positive therapeutic relationship with children and teens; and I aim to achieve the best possible outcomes for the family as a whole (no matter what the composition of Family includes). I vow to treat every member of your family with compassion and respect, and my goal is to establish the trusting, nurturing relationships it takes to bring about real and lasting change.

If your child is facing emotional or behavioral challenges, I'm here to help. Click the telephone below to schedule your consultation today!

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